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      Hawkeye Studios

             e-mail: "service@hawkeyestudios.com"

      Hawkeye Studios

             e-mail: "service@hawkeyestudios.com"



      Hawkeye Studios

   Hawkeye Studios

  Grapho-Lab Services      

    Document Examination --- Handwriting & Signatures Analysis

           Services                               Hawkeye Studios, Grapho-Lab Services. 

We provide expert document analyses through the following services :

Forensic Examination, Questioned Documents / Handwriting

  • examination of questioned documents, handwriting and signatures
  • examination of signed art, antiquities and other collectibles
  • for determination of identity, fraud, forgery and altered documents
  • applying studied forensic techniques and proven methodologies
  • strict confidentiality, tight document security, and chain-of-custody
  • court-qualified expert witness testimony of the examiner

Trait,  Behavioral,  Aptitude  Profiles   /   Linguistic Analysis

  • for corporate, clinical / psychological, or investigative application
  • both third-party analyses and personal evaluations are available
  • all analyses are provided and maintained in strict confidentiality
*  other adjunctive forensic services may also be made avalable -- please inquire.

details of services   <<   Click to view more details and guidelines pertaining to our services; or simply scroll down for contact information and / or for submission of questioned documents.

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"Whether your case is large or small, and whether investigative, or already a matter for the courts, you can rely on our experience, our dedication, our objectivity and confidentiality spanning more than four decades of service of your needs and objectives."

                                                      --  Kenneth John Davies  B.Sc  C.Ga  QDE/CFC ACFE

                                                                          Founding Director, Hawkeye Studios, Grapho-Lab Services

                         Hawkeye Studios, Grapho-Lab Services                          Questioned Documents -- Handwriting & Signatures

Beginning with investigative document work within government and in the insurance industry, Kenneth John Davies brings professional objectivity, strict confidentiality and expertise acquired over several decades in document examination, handwriting and signatures, and in the provision of court-qualified forensic expert witness testimony.

             "The light of knowledge shall guide me to the truth, and with justice the truth shall prevail"
-- From  The Creed of The Forensic Examiner

To discuss your requirements, to obtain a fee quote, or to retain our services and *submit documents for examination, you may contact us confidentially by e-mail, phone, fax, or regular mail:                        

          Hawkeye Studios  ( Grapho-Lab Services )

          75 Bernard Drive NW,  Calgary, Alberta, Canada   T3K 2B5

                      phone:   403.295.3556         ( fax:  403.398.1522 )

           E-mail:    service@hawkeyestudios.com    >>     e-mail: "service@hawkeyestudios.com"

(  Note:  Email enquiries may receive more prompt and detailed response than phone messages )

When you have our fee quote, you can make payment -- concurrent with your documents submission -- by one of the following means:

    >   law firm trust cheque  /  personal cheque   

           made payable to  Hawkeye Studios at address above

     >   secure on-line bank  Interac*  e-transfer

           using   service@hawkeyestudios.com  email address

* Submission of documents may be  in person by appointment  or  by courier delivery (especially if original documents may be included)  -- or --  via email attachment  option in the case of submission only of photocopies.

Please inquire if in doubt about what to submit and how best to make your documents submissions.

Hawkeye Studios, based in Calgary, Alberta, serves locales from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Vancouver, British Columbia; including Toronto, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Regina & Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Lethbridge, Edmonton, & Calgary, Alberta; Iqaluit, Nunavut...  and we may accept US and international cases.

PRIVACY  &  SECURITY:  Your privacy, confidentiality, and security is of utmost concern to us, either as a visitor to this website or as a client of our document analysis / forensic services.  Hawkeye Studios warrants that all personal and privileged information, provided us in any form, will be held in the strictest of confidence, excepting and solely limited to such disclosure as may be necessary to the provision of contracted document examination / handwriting analysis services.  Hawkeye Studios further warrants that strict security measures are maintained to protect physical and electronic documents entrusted to our care.

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